thinking about returning to work?

figuring out what's next doesn't have to be a chore


get recognizd, not penalized

Historically, when moms move to return to paid work, not only are you given zero credit for your directly transferrable skills, you're often punished for taking time "off" in the first place. recognizd is here to change that.

mom skills = job skills

In just a few clicks understand easily how your daily activities map to workplace skills. Answer fun, low-key quizzes about your everyday life, and we'll take care of the rest.

In less than 5 minutes you can see which jobs you're already qualified for.


the mom calculator

Behind the title of SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) hides a clown car of full-time positions.

We created the mom calculator to help SAHMs see just how much their work is worth today. Try it out for yourself (or share it with your mom)!

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